Installation Tips

What we offer / Installation Tips

Mosaic, tiles, and natural stone must be installed by qualified and experienced setters. It is essential that the appropriate materials be used for the chosen product and its intended application.

For ideal results, we carry a full line of accessories and installation products. Our staff can recommend the appropriate products for your specific material and site conditions.

Use the correct method

Since different materials and site conditions require different installation procedures, we strongly recommend using a professional installer. Our representatives can explain the correct installation method for your particular projects, and specify the appropriate mortar and adhesive.

Preparation is Key

Always have a final, accurate floor plan prior to installation. This will facilitate and ensure the success of your project.


Ensure that all boxes carry the same batch number. This will help prevent any unwanted surprises.


Since each stone is essentially unique with respect to colour, veining, structure, etc., any samples that are submitted are merely suggestive of the final product. Variations in colour and structure are due to nature and are thus unavoidable. We recommend you open all boxed to view range of colour and veining before installing the stone.


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