Maintenance Tips

What we offer / Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance will keep your ceramic and natural stone products looking their best for years to come. Sealers are a must for natural stone. Neutral pH cleaners can be used for day-to-day maintenance, with more powerful cleaners or poultices for specific stains.

To protect your investment, we carry high quality sealants, protectants, and cleaners. Our staff can advise you on how to best care for your particular product.

Seal with care

All natural stone floors must be sealed before and after grouting. Follow the sealer manufacturer’s instructions carefully and ensure that the tiles are first completely cleaned of all mortar, grout, and foreign material. Penetrating sealers are recommended for all stones and will not alter their natural appearance. A coat of colour enhancer can be applied to deepen and intensify the stone’s natural colour. Our qualified staff can recommend the appropriate products.

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